At Sail Melbourne International It Was An Extreme Day– Day 2

At Sail Melbourne International It Was An Extreme Day– Day 2

At Sail Melbourne International, it was on another day of extreme sailing. This was the second day of Olympic class racing. On the second day, higher temperatures and a hot breeze blow off on the land and did not allow the sailors to get cooled off and have any easy race on Port Phillip. On the second day of the event, a full day of racing was completed in almost all the classes with some gains and losses across the fleet.

Max Salminen, the 2017 Finn World Champion from Sweden said, speaking about the conditions in the port and said, “It was really hot today as the wind was coming from the land and then, when it started raining today it seems to me that I was hallucinating. For sailing, it was a tricky day, but also had big pressure systems doing a flip flop, which leads to lots of losses and of gains to sailors.”

He further added that “Jake has a really impressive scorecard and it is hard to get him, but Tom I will try to get. At this regatta, it is really a good fleet of sailors, it is than my expectations, and so I am the one who is super happy being here in the competition, it is a glamour sailing condition. I have heard that it is going to be bit stormiest here, but I will be happy to see that,”

Alex Halank, who placed second in the competition, said “For us the conditions of last day were bad and today we got one race in, and it is not only that, but today we managed to win four races and all in solid conditions. For us it was a really a good and achievement day.”

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