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Vava II Spotted In Boston

Vava II Spotted In Boston

“We were going to need a bigger boat”, this is not the joke this time and even further.

A big size yacht, in fact, so big, that it can fit a helicopter comfortably on its upper deck was seen floating near Boston Harbor and was anchored near the Peddocks Island.

Whose Yacht It Is?

According to information received from the Daily Mail. The name of this superyacht is Vava II, and it is said to be owned by Ernesto Bertarelli a Swiss billionaire and his wife, Kirsty, yes, the same singer and former Miss United Kingdom title-holder.

According to the reports, this boat first sailed in the year 2012 and its cost is approximately $150 million.

Near Long Wharf, roughly about 315-foot vessel was moored, the place is not far from the Harbor Walk of the city. According to that tracks large boats and its routes of travel on the open seas through the satellite. (more…)