Boy Scouts Learning Old Form Of Sailing

Boy Scouts Learning Old Form Of Sailing

Mesmerizing the halyards, dragging the sails at an almost right angle, hitching the wind.

With their efforts the mariners have taken the wind under their command for years and are using it to carry them to far distant places. The Boy Scouts this week from all over the valley are learning the same skill in Florida at Sea Base.

Mason Hohnadel, the 15 year old a member of 1701 Boy Scout Troop in Harlingen shared his thought after learning the race and said, “During the training period we have learned successfully the seven nautical knots”.

He is among 16 Scouts who are spending almost 10 days at Florida National High Adventure Sea Base (FNHASB) and learning teamwork and seamanship here. Here the young boys are learning how to sail a schooner of 80-foot off the Florida Keys.

Eric Kennedy, Troop 1701 scoutmaster shared his thought and said, “The opportunity we have got is a great one. It is really astonishing to watch the coral reef, which is a national park”.

Kennedy was talking about the National Marine Sanctuary, Florida Keys, which is protecting the reef system of the living coral barrier in the world according to the website of the sanctuary.

On Friday these young boys are having a racking day, snorkeling on the reef, standing in the rigging, cooking on deck and all under the sun of the Florida. Their master schooner (three) the “Bloody Pirate” was standing true. By now they had just spent a couple of days in the sea and already seen and learned some great deals.

Mason said, “In our journey, by now we have learned how to tack and use the jib.”

These boys are having all the fun on their trip and also learning a lot with great enthusiasm.

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