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Vava II Spotted In Boston

Vava II Spotted In Boston

“We were going to need a bigger boat”, this is not the joke this time and even further.

A big size yacht, in fact, so big, that it can fit a helicopter comfortably on its upper deck was seen floating near Boston Harbor and was anchored near the Peddocks Island.

Whose Yacht It Is?

According to information received from the Daily Mail. The name of this superyacht is Vava II, and it is said to be owned by Ernesto Bertarelli a Swiss billionaire and his wife, Kirsty, yes, the same singer and former Miss United Kingdom title-holder.

According to the reports, this boat first sailed in the year 2012 and its cost is approximately $150 million.

Near Long Wharf, roughly about 315-foot vessel was moored, the place is not far from the Harbor Walk of the city. According to that tracks large boats and its routes of travel on the open seas through the satellite. (more…)

Ogilvy’s Yacht Sank Within Five Minutes Of Launch

Ogilvy’s Yacht Sank Within Five Minutes Of Launch

The Scotsman based Richard Ogilvy bought a boat from a private yachtsman in London about 15 years ago that was in the year 2013.

Since then he worked on it for up to eight hours every day. The objective behind was to restore the glory of boat.

Now, after the 15 years of hard work, Richard finally decided to test the boat. For this, he decided to sail the yacht at Burghead Harbor in Scotland. But unfortunately, the yacht Sea Wraith dove under the water within few minutes of its land. It was the dearest dream of Richard Ogilvy after his retirement from work, that he will restore the pre-war yacht and take it to high seas once more.

But with the vintage yacht Sea Wraith, he wasn’t able to make his dream come true. It became a nightmare for him, when the yacht after just five minutes of launch began to sink.

Mr Ogilvy, of Forres, was rescued by a fishing trawler. Of his experience, he said, “The cracks in the boat were bigger and larger than my expectations and from that that the water gushed in large quality. Fortunately, we got the time to get off of the boat. I was on a fishing boat when the yacht sank.” Ogilvy has managed to retrieve the boat.

When asked about his experience, He laughed wonderfully and said, “It was a wonderful and a very positive experience that is what all I can say. I had lost the interest in yachting, but this incident has retained. This is what this has done certainly put it back into it. This is what it’s all about. I’ve got a holiday on a yacht booked now too – with Yacht Charter Zadar – but hopefully that one will stay afloat.

This yacht is almost 100 years old and has a great history. Sinking is just a new drama attached to it.

Boy Scouts Learning Old Form Of Sailing

Boy Scouts Learning Old Form Of Sailing

Mesmerizing the halyards, dragging the sails at an almost right angle, hitching the wind.

With their efforts the mariners have taken the wind under their command for years and are using it to carry them to far distant places. The Boy Scouts this week from all over the valley are learning the same skill in Florida at Sea Base.

Mason Hohnadel, the 15 year old a member of 1701 Boy Scout Troop in Harlingen shared his thought after learning the race and said, “During the training period we have learned successfully the seven nautical knots”.

He is among 16 Scouts who are spending almost 10 days at Florida National High Adventure Sea Base (FNHASB) and learning teamwork and seamanship here. Here the young boys are learning how to sail a schooner of 80-foot off the Florida Keys.

Eric Kennedy, Troop 1701 scoutmaster shared his thought and said, “The opportunity we have got is a great one. It is really astonishing to watch the coral reef, which is a national park”.

Kennedy was talking about the National Marine Sanctuary, Florida Keys, which is protecting the reef system of the living coral barrier in the world according to the website of the sanctuary.

On Friday these young boys are having a racking day, snorkeling on the reef, standing in the rigging, cooking on deck and all under the sun of the Florida. Their master schooner (three) the “Bloody Pirate” was standing true. By now they had just spent a couple of days in the sea and already seen and learned some great deals.

Mason said, “In our journey, by now we have learned how to tack and use the jib.”

These boys are having all the fun on their trip and also learning a lot with great enthusiasm.